14 November 2011

Peanut butter and the flood

A flooded area of Bangkok.
Many provinces of Thailand, including parts of Bangkok, have been inundated for weeks or even months. Due to flooded factories and swamped supply chains, shelves in supermarkets have shown empty spots for many common products.

So what is an athlete to do who has relied on a steady supply of peanut butter? A trip to the fresh market brought the solution. - Make your own peanut butter! Here we go.

Homemade peanut butter.
All you need is roasted peanuts, a few drops of vegetable oil and a tool to "butter" the lot. It's easy and straight forward. I use a 600 watts hand blender for the job (being German it is a Braun of course).

Put approximately 200g (~7oz) of peanuts in the beaker (you need something with a relatively small base and high walls), add half a teaspoon of vegetable oil (I use soy oil) and mix it in with a spoon. The vegetable oil makes for a creamier result. Go in with the hand blender. Make sure you put a bit of pressure on it. You don't want the peanuts to be shredded dry, you want to butter them. Crunchiness depends on the time you keep buttering. - Done!

Don't misunderstand, compared to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of flood-affected individuals, this peanut butter thing is less than a micro-problem. On the other hand, I like the idea of being creative and finding solutions, especially for improving my nutritional basis.

Doing it myself, I can control all ingredients. I don't add sugar, salt, corn syrup or considerable amounts (up to 2%) of hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans-fats) to my peanut butter.

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